Ruby on Rails & AWS Serverless consulting

Build and deploy pipeline using Docker, CircleCI and AWS container services

A client needed a way to demonstrate new versions of their Ruby on Rails website in a simple and safe way. However their site runs on a very old version of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I was able to Dockerise their application so that it was a lot easier to run.

I have now built a new build and deployment pipeline that uses CircleCI, and Amazon Elastic Container Service. Using these services the client can now quickly and simply create a new demo version of their website by pushing their changes to a git repository.

This triggers CirclCI to pull the code and build a docker image. The docker image is pushed to Amazon Elastic Container Registry. This in turn causes the image to be loaded by a Amazon Elastic Cluster Service cluster which serves the ruby on rails site.

This gives my client the ability to confidently demonstrate new features in isolation from their live site. Ultimately this may replace their production deployment process which is slow and not well understood.


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